About Us

Rachel Evil (Rachel Boese) : LINKEDIN

New Orleans native, self professed lover of swamps (Swampophile) and obnoxiously styled. Rachel loves H.P. Lovecraft, Belly Dancing, Twerking, Ratchet Girl Music and Marilyn Manson. Her last name is Boese, which means Evil in German. She has a background in business, and an obsession with travel and taking life by the balls and going after everything she ever wanted with feverish determination.

Beth Amphetamine (Elizabeth Quall) : LINKEDIN

Beth Amphetamine doesn’t do drugs, she IS a drug and everyone is addicted to her. She is very picky with her tastes in music, but likes a wide variety of genres and bands from Deathstars to Nick Cave and Backstreet Boys. She will judge you based on your taste in music. She spent her teenage years on tour with metal bands since she finished high school early. Oregon is her favorite place in the world, followed by Hollywood at night.

Both girls have traveled extensively and have a network around the world helping out with this project. Travel is their greatest passion. Their goal is to not only bring these amazing places from around the world to you with their blog, but also bring you to those amazing places with careful planning and Mystere Tours.